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The Junior Kings and Queens have enjoyed many appearances in and around Essex County. Beginning the week they are crowned, they are in parades on the fairgrounds, and appearing at the Mrs. Essex County Pageant. They are also in parades and appearances throughout the year. Among them are the Beverly Santa Parade (now the Beverly Holiday Parade) usually held Thanksgiving weekend, the Gloucester Horribles parade usually held the day before July 4th, the Newburyport Homecoming Parade in August. They find other appearances for the kids during the year. Every spring, the Rabbit Dress-up Contest is an event they are always invited to attend and the kids have helped with the the Topsfield 5K race. In past years, they have appeared at the Miss Massachusetts Pageant (when Sally Ride was Miss Essex County) and I vividly remember an appearance at Liberty Tree Mall with Big Bird. The person who was suppose to wear the Big Bird Costume was stuck in traffic and Janet ended up wearing the costume.